• How to eat enzymes

    How to eat enzymes

    Enzymes can promote, regulate body functions, promote blood circulation, enhance physical fitness, and wait. Of course, only by drinking the enzymes and making enzymes can their effects be brought into play. Let's understand how enzymes are eaten.

    Enzymes are enzymes. As we age, the enzymes in the human body will slowly be lost. Enzymes are an active cell required by the human body. The molecular weight is between hundreds of thousands. It can participate in various physiological and biochemical activities of the organism.酵素推介 It has special catalysis. Ability, the content of enzymes in organisms is very small. The best enzymes need 540 days of fermentation to achieve their best results, that is, one and a half years, and good enzymes also need 180 days to mature and ferment. Generally, our fruit and vegetable enzyme powder is made of enzymes. The original solution is crystallized, the process is mature, and it contains higher enzymes than the original enzyme solution. The raw materials are shipped from Taiwan. Because the enzyme, lactic acid, acetic acid, fructose, color value and other relevant indicators can reach the standard after 540 days of fermentation, the longer the fermentation , The more active microorganisms are.

    If you drink enzyme this time, it is recommended that you bottle 720ml of enzyme 40ml per day. Dilute the enzyme with 3-4 times warm water below 40 degrees, drink it on an empty stomach in the morning, and eat breakfast after 20 minutes. The second bottle of 720ml enzyme is 30ml per day, the method is the same as above. Bottle of 720ml enzyme 30ml per day, the method is the same as above. In this way, 4 bottles can take about 3 months to completely purify the blood (red blood cell metabolism cycle is about 120 days).

    Taking into account the economic aspect, drink 3 bottles less than the above method every year. You can take it at the normal dose. In the process of drinking enzymes, it will not prevent you from eating other products, it will play a role in promoting absorption.

    Only reasonable consumption of enzymes can solve the adverse reactions of enzymes to the human body such as dizziness, diarrhea, and high blood pressure, and can help patients achieve better absorption.

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