• What do I do if I lose my phone card?

    1. If you are a VIp customer of China Mobile.

    Tell her that your mobile phone card is lost, she will be more anxious than you, and will help you find a way, two ways: one is that you hold your valid certificate (you also need to know the business password of your mobile phone number) to the nearest The self-run business hall of the mobile company (this is necessary,esim the self-run business hall of the mobile company in the downtown area is open until 20:00 at night), indicate your VIp status, and ask if you can replenish the card for customers in other places (China The mobile billing service platform is now networked across the country. The salesperson would definitely not dare to say no, only what procedures are needed to replenish the card). If you are lucky, the problem of replenishing the card will be solved; 2. If you are not in a different place If you can replenish the card, your account manager will help you replenish the card at the place of attribution, and then mail the card to any location where you are (time permitting, if you are an important leader of the administrative unit, you may be given a card past.

    How to replace the lost mobile phone card? When the mobile phone is lost!

    2. If you are a VIp customer of China Mobile.

    Then you can also try to go to the nearest mobile Internet company’s self-run business hall to ask students if we can develop customers in different places and need to apply for card replenishment business (if one does not work, then you have to ask a friend to replenish your card locally Then post it).

    3. Third, if you are a customer of China Telecom or China Unicom, you may not have such a good life (because their billing service platform is not connected to the whole country, please note that it is not a billing system). If you go to their business hall and ask, you might say "no"!

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    What should I do if I lose my phone card?

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